Newsletter | January 22, 2021


To the People of House District 54

This week I was pleased to welcome Cody McCreedy as my clerk. A native of Atlantic in western Iowan, Cody is a junior at Iowa State University. He is double-majoring in History and Secondary Education with a minor in Political Science. I’m really looking forward to Cody’s help this session.

Week 2 of the 2021 legislative session was filled with committee and subcommittee meetings. Because I serve as vice chair of the Appropriation Committee, a great deal of my time this week was spent in meetings where all committee chairs reviewed the governor’s recommended budget. My other committee assignments include Agriculture, Natural Resources and Information Technology.

One interesting bill assigned to the Information Technology Committee is HSB 25, which would allow vehicles with automated driving technology to deliver packages to customers. I have posted a related link on my legislative Facebook page for those of you who are interested in reading more details.

Tips for Tracking a Bill
As of today, more than 267 bills have been introduced into the Iowa House. You can track bills online at You can follow a specific bill online through “Bills and Rules Watch” at You can watch the video tutorial or read the pdf at the link for instructions on how to subscribe.

Relief for Restaurants and Bars

During her 11 A.M. conference today, Gov. Reynolds announced an extension of the Iowa Small Business Relief Grant Program that will provide eligible restaurants and bars with a one-time grant to help with short-term cash flow due to the pandemic. To be eligible, a business must be registered in the State of Iowa and have physical location in the state. Additional program details are available from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (

I expect Parental Choice in Education will be discussed more next week as this week a bill was introduced, allowing parents and guardians to determine whether their children use in-person or online learning. Also this week, the Judiciary Committee advanced new language for a life amendment. The Public Safety Committee advanced a constitutional amendment to explicitly protect Iowans’ right to keep and bear arms. I will be sure to provide updates on these three issues.